High School, Year 1

First Appears:

Volume 4, Page 33

The Weaponsmith (武器屋), actual name unknown, is a student at Tenchi Academy, and in charge of creating modified weapons for the Hoshitori. She does not appear to be a swordbearer herself.


The Weaponsmith has a keen interest in plastic models and figurines, and her weapon-manufacturing shop doubles as the school's "Model Research Club." While the exact nature of her position as weapon-maker is a little unclear, it seems to be an official position within the school, possibly a paid one (it is referred to it as her "work", as distinct from her "hobbies").

She is the only female character in the series known to use the first-person pronoun boku.


Volume 4Edit

  • Demonstrates to Hoshikawa Claire the capabilities of the modified sword she is creating for her summit battle. In the process, however, she annihilates part of her own figure collection (32-35).

Volume 8Edit

  • Mentioned by Kamijou Maki, for whom she is making a fencing-sabre type weapon (99).

Volume 9Edit

  • Delivers the finished version of the sabre to Kamijou (39-40).

Volume 16Edit

  • Makes an appearance at the assembly convened to discuss the new Hoshitori rules, where she is mentioned by Amachi as the person in charge of the "weapon modification bureau." She is seated next to the Nurse Captain and Umpiring Leader, further suggesting a staff position (27).