Tatewaki Hikaru


帯刀 洸


High School, Year 8 (?)


168 cm (5 ft 6 in)


56kg (123 lbs)

First Appears:

Volume 1, Page 4

Drama CD VA:

Asano Mayumi

Tatewaki Hikaru (帯刀洸), sometimes called Wakkii or Waki, is an official in Tenchi Academy's Student Council, and serves as adjutant to President Amachi Hitsugi.


There appears to be no rest in this world for Tatewaki, eternally disrespected, eternally unappreciated. Her lone ambition is to please her beloved Hitsugi-sama, but she gets nothing in return but indifference, insults, and rejections. Even the author shows contempt for her.

Her precise status in the school is unclear. She is listed as being in her 8th year of high school. She does not appear to carry a sword, and has never been involved in any duels, so she seems not to be a swordbearer, though she wears the uniform of a Shirofuku.

She has seven cats, named for the seven days of the week (in English).


Volume 1Edit

  • Appears at the President's side during the morning assembly (6) and Hayate's introduction to the school (15, 18).
  • Keeps the President updated on the progress of the day's Hoshitori and the Kurogane/Mudou Pair's duel with the Aida/Suzuki Pair (113-114, 116, 122).
  • Haunts the background as the President and Miyamoto watch film (142-144, 146).
  • Character file (such as it is) appears on page 152.

Volume 2Edit

  • Seen working hard at the Athletics Festival (168, 174-175).