Takarada Riona


宝田 りおな


Middle School, Year 2


160 cm (5 ft 3 in)


48 kg (106 lbs)

First Appears:

Volume 2, Page 13

Takarada Riona (宝田りおな) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. Her shinyuu is Kiriya Ouka.


Riona and Kibi Momoka are childhood friends, and had planned to become a shinyuu pair at Tenchi together. However, Momoka is a year behind her, and by the time she arrived, Riona had already taken Ouka as her partner.

Ouka is violent and abusive towards her, but Riona does not mind this. She has comedic aspirations, and feels that Ouka's outbursts make her the ideal tsukkomi partner for her. Together (though Ouka is far from a willing and eager participant) they form the duo "Onigashima."

Riona is rarely if ever seen doing any actual fighting, being more interested in the comedic aspects of swordsmanship (whichever these are).