Shizuma Nami


静馬 奈実



First Appears:

Volume 3, Page 100

Shizuma Nami (静馬奈実) is Yuuho's mother.


Nami is much invested in the prestige of her Shizuma family name, and very distrustful of either Tenchi Academy's or Kuga Jun's ability to properly care for her sick daughter (and only heir) Yuuho. The fact that Jun was born as a result of her husband's infidelity may be a major contributing factor to her pronounced dislike of her.


Volume 3Edit

  • She visits Tenchi Academy with the intention of pulling her daughter out of it. In the process she gets into an argument with and slaps Jun, even accusing her of hoping for Yuuho to die. Amachi interrupts and challenges her to a duel, and is in turn interrupted by Yuuho, who slide-kicks her mother (100, 104-118).

Volume 4Edit

  • Appears beside Yuuho's hospital bed (56).

Volume 12Edit

  • Appears in Yuuho's family survey (112).