The Shigeru Family (しげるファミリー) is a series of small stuffed-toy cats fashioned through some unknown means by Kurogane Hayate. They come in pairs, and are meant to be affixed to the hilts of both members of a shinyuu pair's swords, emblematizing their partnership. Most are individually tailored to the characteristics/appearance of the intended recipient, and given a name containing "Shige."

Shiges at times exhibit autonomous behavior (such as waving to other characters) or serve as extensions of their bearers' emotions.



Shige Given Notes
Hayate Shigeru 1:103
Ayana Shigemi 1:103
Sou Shigeko 2:96
Momoka Shigemichi 2:164
Isuzu Shigeyo 2:165 Ribbons, shadow over face, skull on chest
Mizuchi Shigeharu 3:17
Yuuho Shigena 4:39 Flower on tail
Jun Eroshige 4:39 Leers lewdly
Kijimiya Kazushige 6:107 Other names are proposed; "Loser," "Stalker," "Loser Stalker Shige-chan"
Michi Shigerine 6:108
Akira Shigerou 7:111 Earring, collar on tail. Initially belonged to Sae
Sae Shigeno 7:111 Green ribbon on ear. Initially belonged to Akira
Kamijou Mask of Shigerotto III 10 Feathered cavalier hat, mask
Leader [Unknown] 14:193 Star-shaped patch on chest
Captain [Unknown] 14:193 Roughly cross-shaped patch on chest, sharp teeth
Yukari Patch of Shigevia 18:157 Heart-shaped patch around eye. Originally given Evil Dragon King Gottfried
Kei, Mii Kotooushuu, Hakuhou 18:235 Sideways baseball caps. Names uncertain. Unclear who received which. Kotooushuu Katsunori and Hakuhou Shou are famous sumo wrestlers
Yagyuu Shigebei 18:238 Eyepatch, topknot. Name refers to Yagyuu Juubei
Nagare Oshige 18:240 Handkerchief around neck
Sonoe Shigee 18:241
Shouko Shigemitsu 18:241
Riona Bokeshige 18:241 Striped bowtie; cringes in delight. Attempted rename to "Takeshige" by Riona, for Beat Takeshi
Ouka Shigeki 18:241 Polka-dot bowtie; angry. Attempted rename to "Dankan" by Riona, for Dankan
Minori Morishige 18:243 Holds piece of meat
Claire Shigeera 18:243 Well maintained claws
Nancy Shige-neesan 18:243
Sid Shigezou 18:243 Elephant guitar, pink mohawk
Ensuu Fei-Tsui 18:246 Named for Fei-Tsui. Originally Shigetora. Not given intentionally
Meiko Maa-Nao 18:247 Originally Shigechiyo
Miyamoto Musashige 18:252 Hachimaki
Amachi Queen Shiigeru 18:252