Mikado Akira
Mikado Akira1


神門 玲


High School, Year 1


164 cm (5 ft 5 in)


52 kg (115 lbs)

Birth Date

March 14



Blood Type


First Appears:

Volume 1, Page 85

Called by Hayate:

Mikadon, Shishou ("Master")

Drama CD VA:

Minagawa Junko

Mikado Akira (神門玲) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. Her shinyuu is Inori Sae. She's also Sae classmate.

She's comes from very reputable Mikado family, the archenemy of Amachi family.


Akira has a brusque, somewhat masculine manner. She consciously shuns things she considers "girlish," partly as a reaction to her family's patriarchal culture, though she still uses the feminine first-person pronoun atashi.

Akira room doesn't have a single girly thing. Her room only have dumbbells and some weight training equipment also sandbag, just like boy's room.

Her usual clothes mainly just black and white. The accessories designs all hostile and rough.

Outwardly, she tends to show impatience or pricklishness toward other characters, but rather than keeping them at a distance, this sometimes has the opposite effect. She is immensely popular at Tenchi, with a large and dedicated fan club, the A-Team.

Sword Technique Edit

Akira is Laijutsu Practitioner, her very fast sword-drawing speed is the most distinctive feature of her fighting style. She fights from a hunched stance, utilizing her quick sword-draw.

She is patient in unsheathing her sword, waiting for a decisive moment to strike, and will sometimes resheath it during the course of a fight.

Endeavors Edit

Volume 1 Edit


Inori Sae: Akira has known Sae since childhood, as Sae has long been arranged to marry into Akira's family. She believes she first met Sae at a party for her family's company, though they actually met once before this, at a musical competition[1]. They have been shinyuus throughout their tenure at Tenchi and, while a few digs may pass between them (mostly from Sae's direction), they are immensely devoted to each other.

Kurogane Hayate: Akira first meets Hayate while out jogging[2]. She is surprised to realize that Hayate has no idea who she is. To her chagrin, Hayate becomes attached to her and applies to her for guidance in training. Hayate continues to refer to her as "Master" throughout the series.

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