Masuda Kei


増田 恵


Middle School, Year 3


157 cm (5 ft 2 in)


46 kg (101 lbs)

Birth Date

January 17



Blood Type


First Appears:

Volume 3, Page 93

Called by Hayate:

Masurao ("Manly Man")

Masuda Kei (増田恵) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. She is the roommate of Shizuma Yuuho in the first series and is also Yuuho's classmate. Her shinyuu is Nemoto Mitsuyo.


Kei is an agreeable but very unlucky girl. Due to a string of misunderstandings and misfortunes, she believes Ayana is on a mission to destroy her, and is terrified by the sight of her.

Kei and her shinyuu Mitsuyo, whom she addresses as Mii-chan, have a close and caring friendship. Though the series tends to dwell more on their miseries than their triumphs, they are successful swordbearers who have maintained a B rank.

As Yuuho's roommate in the old dormitory, Kei was tasked with keeping watch over her fragile health.


Volume 3Edit

  • Rushes into Ayana and Jun's room with the news that Yuuho has collapsed. Yuuho turns out to be fine, but Jun wishes to stay with her for the night, so Kei switches rooms with her (93-95). Too late, Kei realizes that this puts her in the same room as the "Terrifying Tiger of Tenchi", Ayana. Ayana, angry at Jun for an unrelated reason, spends the night muttering to herself; Kei mistakenly believes she is the target of Ayana's ire (98-99).
  • The next day, she happens to meet a still-angry (and now tired) Ayana in the Hoshitori, and is beaten black-and-blue (100-103, 112).

Volume 4Edit

  • Jun comes to sleep in Kei's room while Yuuho is away. Ayana arrives to remove her; in the process, Ayana (notoriously bad with names) calls Kei "Masurao-san", a name that will stick with her throughout the series (176, 178).

Volume 6Edit

  • Her Swordbearer Register file appears on page 28.
  • Yuuho and Kuga Gen meet her cooking yakisoba at a stand in the school festival (81).
  • Shows up at Ayana's maid cafe when Ayana is having a sort of flashback episode, terrifying her again (131).

Volume 8Edit

  • Appears in the Drama CD extra (162, 164, 168).

Volume 9Edit

  • A shot of the auditorium audience appears to include her (131).

Volume 10

  • Meets the still-exhausted Ayana that collapsed in front of their dormitory door.

Volume 11

  • Her per-determined lottery order for entering the gate is 11th and Ayana's is 12th. she mistook Ayana will kill her today because Ayana keep letting that menacing aura around her.
  • She and Mitsuyo come across with very enraged Ayana that look like a demon, after Ayana had gotten hit by the Indy ball. Both of them immediately received a very bad ending from still-enraged Ayana.