Kuga Jun


久我 順


Middle School, Year 3


160 cm (5 ft 3 in)


48 kg (106 lbs)

Birth Date

June 20



Blood Type


First Appears:

Volume 1, Page 48

Called by Hayate:


Drama CD VA:

Toyoguchi Megumi

Kuga Jun (久我順) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy, and Ayana's roommate also classmate. Her shinyuu is Shizuma Yuuho.


Carefree, upbeat, genially lecherous, molester, dumbass, Jun is Ayana's best friend, and outside of Hoshitori times can usually be found at her side.

Her penchant for sexually suggestive remarks tends to enrage Ayana, and Ayana's stubborn sullenness tends to frustrate Jun, so often one is screaming at the other or hitting the other with a bat full of nails or with bare knuckle. Nevertheless, they're the best of friends.

She is notorious throughout the school for her licentious nature, including the variety of highly questionable goods stashed in her room also Yuuho room and her peeping activities.

Her perversity seems at times to be some sort of high-concept performance art, such as her supposed attempts to catch glimpses of swordbearers' panties under their skirts (Tenchi's uniform includes compression shorts beneath the skirt).

She has special permission to fight alone, using two swords, when her shinyuu is off campus for medical reasons. As distinct from a tanshin, points she earns this way are still considered valid. With the change to the Hoshitori rules, she is allowed to continue using two swords even after Yuuho returns to school.

Sword Technique Edit

Jun is a ninja, and fights in the manner of one, flying through the air, moving nimbly through the trees, manipulating wind and earth with ninjutsu techniques.

Being daughter of long line of ninja, Jun received this training since kid. She has a number of ninja techniques and she is capable of doing some frankly ridiculous things, such as jumping from a third story window and landing safely. The other use of her abilities is to do high-speed sewing and the sight of her scaling walls is usual for some.


Volume 1Edit

  • Is lecturing Ayana on her truancy when Hayate enters their room, to request Ayana become her shinyuu (48-51). Later, while teasing Ayana about her new follower, the two of them run into Yukari (56, 59, 63-65).
  • Witnesses the blossoming of affection (?) between Hayate and Ayana (72, 93, 105).