Kuga Gen


久我 玄




Operator, Kenjutsu Dojo

First Appears

Volume 3, Page 141

Kuga Gen (久我玄) is Jun's father.


Biologically, Jun is the offspring of Yuuho's father, Shizuma Eisei, and Gen's wife, who has never appeared or been named. To protect the reputations of the Shizuma and Kuga families, this infidelity is kept secret, and Jun is treated as Gen's natural daughter.

Though aware that no actual blood relation exists between them, Jun acknowledges Gen as her true and only father. She continues to do so even after her mother leaves the family, theoretically severing the last tie between them. Jun's sword style, with its ninjutsu techniques, is the Kuga style he passed on to her.


Volume 3Edit

  • He first appears in a flashback, informing Jun that her mother has left, but that the Kuga sword style will continue to bind them together as a family. (141-143)

Volume 6Edit

  • He comes to Tenchi's school festival, where he encounters Hayate (29-30), Yuuho (49, 79-81), and Kei (81).

Volume 12Edit

  • He appears as the sole entry in Jun's family survey (112).