Koizumi Ushio
Koizumi Ushio


小泉 潮


Middle School, Year 1*

First Appears:

Volume 19, Page 17

Called by Hayate:

Ushiou ("King of Cattle")

Koizumi Ushio (小泉潮) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. At the start of the second series, she is without a shinyuu.


Ushio is, by her own description, a "background character with a name." She is bemused by and tries somewhat to distance herself from the behavior of the manic main cast, but learns to recognize that their particular brand of idiocy lends them certain powers. She attaches herself to Hayate and to Yanagi Makoto as a disciple of sorts.

She has a talented younger sister named Minato.