Inori Saki
Inori Saki


祈 紗希


Middle School, Year 1 (not a Tenchi student)

First Appears:

Volume 11, Page 118

Called by Hayate:


Inori Saki (祈紗希) is Inori Sae's little sister. She is a middle school student (at a school other than Tenchi).

Character Edit

Saki is firm girl and somehow seem mature despise her young age, also she's a pretty shy girl but very scary when angry even Sae scared of her.

Reliable little sister to Sae and she's more serious than Sae though she still got her childish side too. For example, praising Hayate when she throwing starfish on Akira's face and calling Akira with papa as joke for Akira embarrassment.

She's polite girl to everyone else even to Hayate but hostile toward Akira and Ryouichi, especially Ryouichi. Saki even calling him with alien lifeforms complete with terrified definition of him.

Saki is always trying to protect Sae from Ryouichi. Trying to cover her sister and help her sister but there's nothing she could do for her but to wait for Sae making decisions.

Endeavors Edit

Volume 11

  • Interrupting Hitsugi and Nagare while waiting for them to finished their conversation. She's coming to academy for meeting Sae directly since she was unable to make contact with Sae and at that time Sae unable to meet her because busy, she's just put message in letter for Sae.