Hosoki Kazuko


細木 カヅ子

First Appears:

Volume 2, Page 192

Hosoki Kazuko (細木カヅ子) is a teacher at Tenchi Academy.


Ms Hosoki teaches world history. As the only teacher so far to be named in the series, she represents close to the only evidence that Tenchi is in fact an educational institution.

Hosoki Kazuko is an actual, real-life person, a celebrity fortuneteller, author, and television personality. She may be best known to English-speaking audiences as a judge on the TV cooking show Iron Chef. Her name in the series is spelled slightly differently from her name in reality (though pronounced identically); whether they represent the "same person" is not a question likely to meet any meaningful answer.



The real Hosoki Kazuko

Volume 2Edit

  • She appears at the end of the volume, to inform readers to move on to Volume 3 (192).

Volume 4Edit

  • She encounters Kibi Momoka, and warns her that things will not go well for her. This is just prior to the incident between Momoka and Kijimiya Otoha (76).