Heavenstar closeup

A girl wearing her heaven star.

Ten (or Heaven swords) are the members of a sister in arms pair responsible for taking an offensive stance and stealing the star of their opposing Heaven sword in the Hoshitori. A Heaven sword wears their star on their left shoulder (a bit of a disadvantage if they’re right handed) and focuses on nothing but stealing their opponent’s star and keeping their own from being stolen. Typically the Heaven sword is the quicker one with more of a fighting spirit, though this of course is not always the case.

Heaven swords can end the whole match by smacking the opposing Heaven sword’s star, and only theirs. If they somehow hit an Earth sword’s star (though this should not happen, if they’re acting the way they’re supposed to be acting), it will not count. Likewise, an Earth sword cannot steal a Heaven star unless drastic measures are taken (such as swinging their partner around as a giant human sword).