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It all began when Kurogane Hayate was asked by her family to pose as her injured twin sister Nagi, who had enrolled at a prestigious academy and would lose her place there if she couldn't go to school. Of course, this is no ordinary school. This is Tenchi Academy, known for its swordbearer program where girls pair up and face off in sword fighting matches for money and fame. Having taken kendo along with her sister, Hayate is pretty sure that she'll be able to lay low until Nagi gets better.

But all of that becomes void when Hayate discovers that the orphanage that adopted her in her youth has been in debt for years. Knowing that she can win money by swordfighting, she jumps into the action and proceeds to leave her mark on nearly everyone she meets, changing both them and herself for the better. With the aid of light hearted comedy, swordfighting action, and the occasional dramatic or sweet moment.

Warning! There are lots of spoilers in this wiki, so be warned. To provide information on what the characters do and accomplish, as well as explain their personalities, it's hard not to have any spoilers.

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