Hayate X Blade 2


Hayashiya Shizuru


August 19, 2013 -


Hayate Cross Blade Nyaan

Hayate X Blade 2 (はやてxブレード2) is the sequel to Hayate X Blade.

The 2 is pronounced as "nyaan" (ニャーン, the sound of a cat's meow), not "two."


Nyaan directly continues the story from the first series, after a gap of about two months. Events that occur within this skipped time span include the switch to the new summer uniforms, the holding of the special one-off tournament to refill the nearly empty student council, and preparations for the split into the Tenkuu and Daichi dormitories.

Some minor differences from the first series:

  • Slight changes to overall aesthetic presentation.
  • Jun, Hitsugi, Minori, Ayana, Akira, Kei, and Sae, among others, have different hairstyles.
  • With the move to the Tenkuu and Daichi dormitories, most characters have new roommates.
  • A new character is introduced, Koizumi Ushio.