Harewatari Touya


晴渡 当矢 


Middle School, Year 1*

First Appears

Volume 17, Page 91

Harewatari Touya (晴渡当矢) is a member of the Kurogumi. Her shinyuu is Udou Sougetsu.


Harewatari is painfully, paralyzingly shy. She dreads having to meet or talk to new people, even in the context of a Hoshitori duel. The only person she is comfortable around is her shinyuu Sougetsu, and in the face of strangers (or even fellow Kurogumi members) she tends to cling to or hide behind her. Her anxiety is so bad that she cannot fight without wearing a mask. The mask changes her personality considerably, making her cheerfully competitive, but presents a somewhat horrifying visage to her opponent.

She uses a highly masculine mode of speech, including the masculine first person pronoun ore, and has a habit of mumbling and cursing to herself out of nervousness.

Her weapon is a regulation Tenchi sword. Her style of attack is low, head-on charges.


Volume 17Edit

  • She and Sougetsu attempt to intercept Hayate and Ayana, but instead get into a duel with Sou and Mizuchi (91-92, 96, 98, 101, 122-123, 140).
  • She has an entry in Tatewaki's "Blacklist" (175) and a board game piece (186).

Volume 18Edit

  • She loses to Sou (43-46, 105-106, 125, 137-138, 173) and sulks over it (187-188).