Fubuki Hajime


風吹 一


Middle School, Year 1*

First Appears

Volume 16, Page 180

Fubuki Hajime (風吹一), original surname Suga (須賀), is the leader of the Kurogumi. Her shinyuu is Udou Shingetsu.


Hajime is supremely confident in her own abilities, and will not suffer anyone to stand on the same level as her. As the head of the Kurogumi, she has a somewhat calculating view of human relationships, and in particular a low opinion of Tenchi's shinyuu system. Despite her precocious talents, she shows her young age (only a year out of elementary school) in other areas, including referring to herself in the third person, as children do. She is extremely slow on the uptake, catching on to jokes long, long after they have been told, or failing to notice things that are blatantly obvious to everyone else present.

Can speak Chinese.