Asakura Izumi


浅倉 泉



First Appears:

Volume 2, Page 74

Asakura Izumi (浅倉泉) is Asakura Mizuchi's mother.


Izumi runs Smiley Finance LLC., the aggressive, loan shark-style company to which the orphanage Dandelion Garden (Hayate and Nagi's childhood home) owes a large sum of money. Hayate's attempt to repay this loan is (theoretically) the main storyline of the first series.


Volume 2Edit

  • In conversation with her employee, Shabazou, she formulates a plan to use Mizuchi to prevent Hayate from paying back Dandelion Garden's debts (and thereby lay claim to the property herself). She then calls Mizuchi at school to inform her of it (74-78).
  • Has a phone conversation with Mizuchi (99-100).

Volume 3Edit

  • Receives a visit at the Smiley Finance offices from Ayana, in disguise as Lawson Mask, who splits her desk in half with a wooden sword and tells her to stop messing with Dandelion Garden's loan (20-22).

Volume 12Edit

  • Appears in Mizuchi's family survey (40).